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The explosive growth of products, advertising, and media channels has led to an incredible increase of information that we’re exposed to every day. Our minds have become remarkably adept at ignoring irrelevant information. As a result, traditional advertising is less and less effective. So, what is the best way to reach customers in this day and age?

The answer is surprisingly simple: Offer information that holds real value. By creating, publishing, and distributing valuable information, you build trust and loyalty among your ideal customers.

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Downloadable e-book created for a client in the human resources industry.

Why Choose Bright Valley's Content Marketing Services?

Get ahead of your competitors

Your competitors are starting to recognize the value of business blogging and content marketing as a key element to online success. However, many of them end up with a content provider who focuses on quantity. Remember, value is the magic word. By understanding who your ideal customers are and what they value, our professional team of copywriters create unique, high-quality content that targets their needs and interests. As a result, Google rewards you by positioning your website at the top of search results.

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Real client results from Google
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Snippet of an actual blog we wrote for a client

Earn customers' trust and loyalty

By sharing valuable content, you develop relationships and create a sense of community that make people feel loyal to you and your brand. We all know that trust and loyalty translate into better sales. This is the wonderful reality of content marketing – The more you give, the more you receive!

Increase your website’s visibility in Google

Search engines target content that helps people find the information they’re looking for. By integrating content marketing with your SEO strategy, your website’s ranking will be boosted even higher. Building trust and loyalty with your ideal customer base through a website that ranks high with search engines opens up a phenomenal gateway to sales growth.

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Questions You Might Have

We are able to produce a variety of content including business blogs, white papers, e-books, advertising copy and more. 

Start by asking yourself, “Who are my ideal customers?” Ask those customers what kind of content you can create that would be helpful to them or would have been helpful when they were looking for your product or service. We can help you with this, so just let us know.

Although it depends on where your ideal customers hang out online, in general your company’s website is a great place to start. You have full control over the content, and it’s easy for your customers to see who’s providing all of this amazing value. You can also share your content on your company’s social media channels.

Content marketing serves many objectives from building thought leadership and engagement to driving traffic. Depending on the objectives you have in mind, we set metrics and report to you on a monthly basis. We track the number of visitors to your website, conversion rates, keyword rankings and more. You’ll be surprised at the measurable results and effectiveness of our content marketing services.

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