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Do you want backlinks from the world's best media sites?

In today's digital world, most consumers research brands online before making a purchasing decision.

Through our Digital PR link-building service, we help you earn links to your website from well-known online publications such as CBS News, ABC 7 News, Boston Globe, and more with data-driven content that journalists want to write about.

Getting powerful PR from these reputable publications helps build your brand's online authority. The result? An improved digital presence that increases brand awareness and drives sales.

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Become a Thought Leader

Stand out from the competition and become a source of trusted information with research-backed content that has your brand on it.

Grow Your Brand Awareness

When online publications pick up your research, your brand is instantly recognized.

Grow Your Visibility in Google

Getting authoritative backlinks from trusted websites helps your website gain authority and boosts your brand's online visibility in Google.

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Our 3-Step Digital PR Process

We handle your campaign from start to finish. Just push play.

Step 1. Brainstorming

During this initial step, we research campaign ideas relevant to your niche and target customers – and that we believe will be interesting to the media. We come up with a list of three to five ideas that will work. With your input, we narrow it down to one.

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Interactive infographic created for a prior client campaign

Step 2. Content Production

The next step involves producing creative components and powerful content for your campaign. We do this by conducting original surveys and transforming statistically significant data into engaging interactive maps or infographics that illustrate the data in a compelling way. 

Step 3. Media Outreach

Step three focuses on drafting draft a press release based on the results of the campaign which we send out to contacts in our extensive network of journalists. Our journalists are hungry for content and eager to write an article about your industry insights. Our outreach strategy is highly effective and generates a ton of press from some of the world’s most influential platforms and publications, including Forbes, USA Today, Huff Post, MSN and more.

Actual news coverage received from a prior client campaign.

Questions You Might Have

The process typically takes about 8 weeks from start to finish.

Absolutely. When journalists pick up your original research, they often link to your website. Doing so significantly boosts your website’s online visibility in Google.

We have a flat fee for our campaigns, depending on the type of campaign we run. Contact us to request pricing.

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