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More than 500 million Google searches are conducted daily by people looking for solutions to problems, products to buy and services to hire. With close to a billion (yes – a billion!) websites competing for attention every day, does your company’s website stand out?

It’s a simple fact of Internet life – the higher your website ranks in online search results, the easier it is for more people to find your business.

With Bright Valley's innovative SEO services on your side, you can count on a dedicated SEO experts working diligently to help you dominate the first page of Google with real, proven techniques that generate real results.

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seo services

Why Trust Bright Valley's SEO Services?

We know what SEO strategies work today

Google’s search algorithm changes hundreds of times each year. We stay on top of the latest industry research each day, and that allows us to develop cutting-edge, innovative SEO strategies that deliver results. When you work with us, you work with true SEO experts. 

seo results
earned seo link
Earned link from NY Mag for a client in the restoration industry.

We help you increase sales and revenue

Your ranking at the top of online search pages ensures customers are drawn to your website, and that ramps up your sales. 

Our integrated SEO, Local SEO, Digital PR and content marketing services elevate your website’s visibility and make your company stand out.

We provide transparent reporting

We provide regular reports that keep you on top of key results and activities. To empower you even further, we build up your marketing expertise by introducing you to online marketing concepts along the way.

seo reporting
Real client results from data pulled on Ahrefs

Questions You Might Have

Think of SEO as a process that affects your website’s visibility whenever someone starts an online search. Google, Bing and Yahoo are the big engines in this digital world, and they all operate on the same principle. The higher a search result appears on their first page, the more frequently that site enjoys traffic.

Everyone talks about the importance of search engine optimization, but developing it into a powerful plan for successful marketing takes specialized skills.

Successful SEO strategies blend together many different variables specifically tailored to your business model. It takes more than understanding how search engines work.

You must pinpoint what people are looking for and determine common words and phrases they type into search fields. Often, a website benefits from upgraded coding to boost its SEO indexing. Fresh content, relevant topics and focused keywords are invaluable tools of the SEO trade.

SEO is more than a powerful tool – it’s a proven strategy for successfully increasing traffic and sales on your website. High quality SEO is a long-term, sustainable marketing solution that delivers more visitors to your online doorstep, and that increased traffic translates into higher sales and repeat business.

Even if you were the only company offering your products and services online, potential customers wouldn’t find you without some kind of direction. Smart SEO development puts up digital signposts that let you stand out in a competitive landscape and attract online business.

Once a search leads to your virtual doorstep, you can measure and track the success your site’s traffic. You need professional SEO because it puts real muscle in your marketing strategy.

You typically start seeing results within three to six months. Search engine results are based on algorithms that take into account many factors including your website’s existing content, architecture, backlinks and more. The time and effort it takes to influence those factors pay off in positive, measurable results.

It all depends on your marketing needs and goals, the size of your campaign, the competition level, and the services you choose. Typical budgets start off at $2,500 per month. Contact us to request a custom proposal.

We guarantee to deliver the highest quality work by using cutting-edge internet marketing techniques with proven success in increasing online visibility, generating traffic and boosting sales. We abide by Google guidelines, write unique content and always implement ethical techniques to achieve the positive results your business deserves.

Absolutely! Although we’ve carefully put together SEO packages that meet most customers’ needs, we can definitely accommodate specific requests. Let us know your individual marketing needs, and we’ll work up strategies tailored to your online business success.

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We service all of California and the United States including:

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